• Upholstery Cleaning

  • Fulham Cleaners SW6 - Upholstery Cleaning


    Cleaning your upholstery is a great way to keep your furniture, both looking like new and smelling like new. And removing dirt and harmful pathogens. To give your upholstery the deepest clean possible we take great. We also help your delicate fabrics maintain their colour and original brightness and freshness.

     We clean all types of upholstery

    • Sofas
    • Dining chairs
    • Car upholstery
    • Leather furniture
    • Arm Chairs

     Our upholstery service includes the removal of

    • odour
    • mould
    • stains
    • pet hair
    • dust mites
    • dirt
    • body oil
    • harmful pathogens

    We are dedicated to giving you the best allergy protection.

    We at Fulham Cleaners SW6 really care about giving your upholstery the best clean ever and as such we help with the following;

    • Kills germs and bacteria
    • kills fleas and there eggs
    • Slows down wear of fibres
    • Makes vacuuming more effective
    • Restores the fluffiness of your furniture
    • Safe for pets and children